Create a Post / Page

In this documentation, we will show you how to create a Post or Page with PageLayer

Firstly, you will need to access your WordPress installation

Then you will need to access the Post or Page section whichever that you want to create. Once on Post or Page section click on Add New Button


Once you click on Add New, a new page will be created and you will be redirected towards the New Page. Add the Post / Page Title and Save as Draft.


Once your Post / Page has been saved as Draft then click on Edit with PageLayer button to access your newly created Post / Page within the Editor.


Once you are in the Editor you will view the Editor Panel given below:


To exit from this setting click on this icon

How to Set Featured Image, Categories, Tags for POST

Click on the Cog(Setting) icon to open Post/Page setting


To exit from this setting click on this icon

Status & Visibility

  • Post Title - Enter the post name.
  • Visibility - Set the visiblity of your post Published , Scheduled , Private , Password Protected , Draft .
  • Publish Date - Set the publish date and time.
  • Sticky Blog - Enable the toggle for sticky blog post.
  • Author - Set the author to your blog.

Set permalink to the blog pages. This will be slug name of blog post


Give the categories to the blog pages .


Give the Tags to the blog pages .

Featured Images

Set featured images that show to the blog post.

Post Excerpt

Give post excerpt to blog page. That is description of post .

  • Allow Comments - Enable the toggle user can comment on the post.
  • Allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks - Enable the toggle for pingback & trackbacks.
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